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WP Engine Support

One of the main reasons I do business with WP Engine is because if their excellent support. Veterans of the web hosting business know how important competent support is, and WP Engine delivers this in spades.

WP Engine Support Chat

Every support instance starts with chat, launched within the Customer Portal. Once you get beyond the mostly useless and now commonplace “Virtual Assistant” (hint: type “support”) you get connected with a real live support agent within minutes.

The longest wait I’ve experienced in my over 6 years of doing business with WP Engine is maybe 10 minutes – it’s really that good.

Once you get connected with an agent, the real magic happens because unlike a low-cost hosting provider, WP Engine’s support agents are helpful, knowledgeable & prompt. 95% of my requests have been handled immediately, with only the most complicated issues being pushed to a support ticket (which is also promptly dealt with).

No waiting days wondering if your ticket is being addressed. No clueless outsourced agents working from a script. Just real people, good at their job, who are just as geeky as you (maybe that’s a stretch)

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