Link Dumps

Link Dump #6

Another month has passed, and my link collection grows. I’ve started Tweeting long-form articles I read, which will leave the links I share here for tools, services and other neat websites.

List of best-selling game consoles – It’s not mystery what the top console is (PlayStation 2: 155 million) but the rest of the list might surprise you.

Foolproof Guide to Burning a Candle Correctly – Up until recently I didn’t even know there was a correct way to burn a candle.

QR Code Feedback Creator – I like the simplicity of this tool for gathering feedback using QR codes. Now, if only one of my clients would be interested!

QR Feedback Code Creator

UniFi Dream Machine – UniFi devices have their fans, and haters. I almost pulled the trigger on this router when Comcast instituted data caps in my region due to it’s ability to throttle individual devices and robust reporting.

GlassWire – In related news, when I was playing bandwidth wack-a-mole, I needed software to track and report on usage. GlassWire has a simple, modern UI, and is free (nagware).

Glasswire Usage Tab

Web Scraping 101 with Python – I probably saved this because I thought “this will come in use … some day”. So here I am, posting it to my “online brain” for later.

Sundayy – Weekly social media – or something like that. I like the idea, appreciate the effort but doubt this will go anywhere. The journaling crowd probably loves it.

Take time each day to reflect intentionally and slow down

Once you reflect go live your life, there are no feeds to check

Reflections are revealed once a week on Sunday

See your friends’ week as they lived it, in their own words

Sundayy App

BOINC – Using your computing power to search for aliens? So 1990’s. Using your GPU power to mine crypto? Lame! Donating your computing power to science? Now that is something worth doing in 2021 – at least if your electricity is clean!

Link Dumps

Link Dump #5

Any like clockwork I missed another publication date, although being my own editor I don’t think I’ll hold it against myself (unlikely)

MuscleWiki – This was a neat find, and one I haven’t used once since bookmarking. Pick a body part, and this site will show you how to work it girl!

Corona (satellite) – I’ll be honest, I’m drawing a blank here on why I bookmarked this. It’s a spy satellite, used by the CIA to do CIA stuff but other than the /r/midlyinteresting aspect of it, I have no idea why I would save it ¯\_(?)_/¯

Silent Cal – US President Calvin Coolidge was known as “Silent Cal” but the most interesting morsel from his presidency was this:

“He was taciturn, known as ‘Silent Cal’; he enjoyed childish practical jokes such as buzzing for his bodyguards and then hiding under his desk as they frantically searched for him, presumably fearing him kidnapped. “

Peter Clements | Published in History Review Issue 46 September 2003

Coolidge Effect – Okay, maybe Cal’s pranks were the second most interesting morsel from the Coolidge presidency. After you read the definition, head on over the the Wikipedia page to read how it came about!

The Coolidge effect is a biological phenomenon seen in animals, whereby males exhibit renewed sexual interest whenever a new female is introduced to have sex with, even after cessation of sex with prior but still available sexual partners.

The Penguin dictionary of psychology by Arthur S. Reber

Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn (Official Video) – I love this song from 2013, and the little behind the lyrics by motivational speaker Eric Thomas.

Helminthic therapy – It’s gross, but an interesting concept for fighting auto-immune diseases. Related South Park: Your Mom Has C Diff

Also related: I volunteered to be infected with 50 parasitic worms for a research study (Hacker News discussion)

OMG more worm stuff – gross!

Link Dumps

Link Dump #4

I’m on a roll now (not really). Actually I scheduled this post a week ago so don’t think for a second I’m creating any sort of consistent blogging habit.

Webflow – Oddly I found a link somewhere online to this new web builder thingy a few weeks (months?) ago and then while watching daytime satellite TV boom! A rather clever TV ad for it. Satellite TV is an odd duckling, so I’m used to weird commercials but this was certainly a shock as this tool seems like it’s for professionals. I wish them luck, I’ll stick to WordPress for now.

Letterboxd – Social movie watching. Sounds cool but the most entertaining thing I found was the home page feed of new comments. Some real gems there. The second most entertaining aspect is the idea that you “tell your friends what’s good” ha! that’s RICH.

These links are getting a little verbose, hang in there I’ll lose my motivation.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin – Back when the GME craziness started I took a deep dive into crypto (finally) and came across this link about a thousand times. Basically a lesson that EXCHANGES GET HACKED, so don’t keep your bitcoin there for long.

Stuff in Space – File this under “cool but not very useful” is this cool visualization of the crap surrounding Earth. Another tool, I have no idea what’s different or special about it but it looks just as cool.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Speaking of junk in space, this game looks really cool. Fly (float?) around space and break down space … stuff.

Mastodon – Back when I last soured on Twitter (I’m still not fully over it) I looked into alternatives, and found Mastodon. Based on ActivityPub (too complicated to explain here) Mastodon is about decentralization of social media.

ActivityPub – A WordPress plugin to connect your blog to the Mastodon network. I haven’t installed it, but will if I try Mastodon.

Link Dumps

Link Dump #3

I don’t want to blog, it feels like work. This is all I can muster, I hope you’ll forgive me … I’m sure it will pass.

ODROID-GO – Hack your own handheld gaming machine ($80) with which you absolutely won’t break any copyright laws. Another version.

Watchy by SQFMI – Speaking of DIY hardware, check out this barebones smartwatch, case optional ($59 crowd funded).

Vivaldi Webmail – Back in the 90’s, webmail was the killer app. I like and use the Vivaldi browser every day and found out recently they have a webmail service. Neat!

Vivaldi – Oh what’s Vivaldi you ask? Learn more about how it’s different from Chrome.

Tallest Roller Coast in Each State – Titles says it all. Large PNG. I’ve been on Superman the ride! Terrifying.

Dark Days (2000) – A movie about people living in abandoned NYC subway tunnels. A good watch if you like raw documentaries.

Be My Eyes – An awesome app that allows sighted people to assist those that need help (think, crossing a busy road or choosing a colored article of clothing) using the power of smartphones! The problem (if you can call it that) is that it’s super popular, and I haven’t gotten one call since I installed the app 6+ months ago.

Link Dumps

Link Dump #2

After my first link dump, I thought it would take me time to build up another list. Boy was I wrong. Even after pruning almost 100 links I acquired while going down a Gamestop, Robinhood, Crypto, Dogecoin rabbit hole I still have a crapload, so here goes.

Typefully – Easily compose long form content for Twitter.

Twizzle – I’m use it now and find it to be a perfect match for my new Twitter aversion.

Chirr App – Twitter threads.

A Beginner’s Garden of Chess Openings – You know it’s good because the website has no CSS or Javascript.

Chess Tactics – An online book of sorts.

Chess Tempo – Online Chess Training.

On Learning Chess as an Adult – Tip: Don’t.

Most Recommended Books – In case your friends and family have terrible taste.

Bitcoin Explained – This was pretty funny.

What the first Bitcoin transaction was probably like – the pizza was real, the conversation maybe not.

BitPay – I have no idea why I saved this, but I think they focus on helping businesses accept Bitcoin which I’m all for!

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash