Link Dumps

Link Dump #8 – Search movies by dialog. My explanation doesn’t do it justice – if you’re a movie buff you’ll love it!

Rarchy – Terrible name. Create visual sitemaps of existing websites, or a new website.

Your Foolproof Guide To Burning A Candle Correctly – You didn’t know you needed this – but you do!

Ancient Earth Globe – Visualize the earth millions of years in the past, and pin your location to see how it’s moved. Neat! – Nuke tweets, and everyone who likes it with one click. Haven’t tried it, but it sounds terribly useful. – Twitter without the bloat. Food for those who want to view Tweets but nothing else. – Free, open-source, cross-patform video editor. – Move your mouse and the page will reload with a photo “pointing” to your pointer. Useless and fun!