Link Dumps

Link Dump #17

PrivateAuto – Can you tell I’m looking for a new car?

TheoTown – A city sim that’s not Sim City

Pocket City – Another mobile take on a city sim.

Cities: Skylines – Another city sim! I actually don’t play these but wish I did.

Advesarial Fashion – Clothing designed to trigger automated cameras (think license plate readers).

briefsky – Yes another weather dashboard, inspired by Dark Sky.

The Camera Shy Hoodie – A sweatshirt designed to prevent photography of the wearer’s face.

BirdsiteLIVE – Another website to clone Twitter feeds into Mastodon. Use with caution, I got burned with the last one.

Free The Game Boy – Battery free Game Boy. It ain’t pretty, but it’s cool. – Great name, perfect tagline: Transcribe and translate any audio file.

Link Dumps

Link Dump #16

This to That – This tells you what kind of glue to use based on what you’re gluing.

Openverse – An extensive library of free digital stuff.

Pixelfed – I believe this is an Instagram clone (photo sharing) using the ActivityPub protocol. – WordPress news for WordPress pros.

Pocket – Some sort of Gameboy clone that isn’t cheap and isn’t shipping yet, so I don’t get it but boy it looks cool.

Indy Pass – Skiing is expensive so buying 1 pass for 120+ resorts and getting 2 days at each for under $300 is a steal – reserve early!

Chris Pratt is Super Mario – It’s weird and annoying after 60 seconds but good for a laugh or two. (source:

Sim Nimby – This would be perfect for my home region of Cape Cod. (source:

The Least Expensive Cars to Maintain – While you’d expect Toyota to lead this list, Mitsubishi in 2nd was a surprise. On the luxury Tesla beats out Lexus.

18th Century Portrait – Upload your selfie to see your 18th century self using “AI”

Link Dumps

Link Dump #15

FediAct – I have this plugin, but I’m not sure what it really does. It helps with Mastodon that’s all I know.

WTF DOES THIS COMPANY DO – Put in the URL for a confusing website, and this app will tell you what they really do. This did work for me, and then it didn’t – good luck!

Cheap Bots, Toot Sweet! – Make a Mastodon bot.

Give Me The VIN – While not a unique service (automated, online car selling), I like the simplicity of the URL and how it motivates the user with a simple instruction.

SteamDB – Game artwork for Steam, for gamers who like order.

Monocle – Open source AR eyewear. Rough but neat!

Tilt Five – AR tabletop gaming at home. Very cool, also very expensive.

Asteroid Launcher – Would a link dump be complete without a Neal.Fun link? Nope. Launch an Asteroid at your home town and read the gory play-by-play!

Return YouTube Dislike – I’m not a big YouTube user, but man people were butthurt when they took away the dislike button. – Follow Twitter accounts on Mastodon. I jumped on this when I found it, but alas it’s not working in my instance anymore. *sad face*

Link Dumps

Link Dump #14

Getting a little backed up on links, expect more of these for a while. – Just Pranx, Bro! All the things 15 year old me would have adored and abused.

Wonders of Street View – Neal makes cool stuff. This is no exception and reminds me this.

Cities Near Me – A geolocation browser tool to find stuff near you, with an emphasis on… cities? I have no idea why I bookmarked this.

Lonely World .info – Unique tool for people feeling lonely, and those willing to help to connect. – say something you’re too afraid to say out loud

That Sky Wish – Okay, these are getting weird. Your guess is a good as mine.

clickhere – Much like ShadyURL (which is down?), this makes suspicious shortened URLs and is equally HILARIOUS – Run your own shady URL generator.

Play Counter-Strike 1.6 Online – So many memories. I tested this on my Chromebook with a trackpad lol.

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