Link Dumps

Link Dump #21

Moves by Maxon – Facial and body motion capture.

Face Cap – Facial motion capture for iOS

Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? – Selected quotes.

CS.Rin.RU – Steam Underground Community

Literally Anything – Didn’t work for me, literally.

Garmin Instinct – Almost bought this, went with an AmazFit T-Rex.

Floor796 – Ever-expanding animation scene – very cool!

Character.AI – I had a very, very weird conversation with a Customs Officer chatbot.

Jeremy Hummel’s GitHub Projects – Your guess is as good as mine.

Augmental – Hands free, tongue-driven computer interface.

Link Dumps

Link Dump #20

AI Hits – AI music, it’s a thing and there’s already a top 40.

EDGE – AI generated dance moves. Great now even AI dances better than me.

Starlink Roam – Starlink for Internet road warriors aka RV and travel trailer owners.

Test Engineer Manifesto – As soon as I read #1 I knew this was golden.

Bicycle – The physics of riding a bicycle which is a lot more complicated than it seems.

Joeveo Drinkware – Keeps your drink temperature juuuust right.

The Wing Delivery Network – Coming (probably never) to a neighborhood near you.

it’s a(door)able – A simple and hard web keyboard game.

Children of Time (novel) – “the last human remnants of a dying Earth are en route to the promised paradise planet unaware of the uplifted spiders” Yes please.

Aperiodic Monotile – I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this information.

Link Dumps

Link Dump #19

RoboPianist – Not sure why I saved this, and it absolutely crushes my ancient Chromebook.

Loopmasters – Because I dream of being an EDM artist but won’t dedicate the time.

Reflect – A “noteworked note-taking app.” I sure hope that’s a typo.

Milo – An AI assistant for parents. I’m excited about “AI” powered personal assistants and there will surely be many more.

Chat AI – Speaking of… “Used by 200+ users during the Beta period with minimal issues” LOL

Rewind – “Ask Rewind about anything you’ve seen, said, or heard” Creepy.

Benson AIAnother personal assistant AI in stealth mode. Good luck bros!

Smarty – Tasks, calendar and notes. With AI!

simpler – Dear god, it’s like Web 2.0 all over again, make it staahp.

TodoBud – Okay I promise to stop posting these project managment borefests.

Link Dumps

Link Dump #18

Mycroft – Voice assistant that doesn’t spy. It ain’t cheap though. – An AI powered search engine, that’s not Bing.

Dadagrams – Scrabble game, that I thought was playable with my dad, but instead you play against HIS dad.

Not By AI – A badge to place on your creative work, to signify it’s not created by AI.

Reddit’s Favorite Products – Not always the best, but popular!

AmIUnique – Spoiler: You are but not in a good way.

An aperiodic monotile – The first true aperiodic monotile (if you know what that is +1 for you)

Replika – An AI companion that’s “always on your side”. Sounds fun… and creepy.

Tax Heaven 3000 – An AI powered dating sim that… does your taxes? The future is weird.

DrawThisTweet – AI powered imagery from Tweets. Sounds awful.

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WP Engine Go Live Checklist

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The checklist displays for new WordPress installs 45 days after creation or 10 days after the traffic milestone is met.

WP Engine also has a great guide on Getting Started with WP Engine, useful for those new to the platform.