Link Dumps

Link Dump #9

The Floppotron 3.0 – A floppy orchestra sure to please your retro ears.

GnuCash – Free accounting software – who needs Quickbooks?

This Food Does Not Exist – AI generated food images… weird.

Playdate – Handheld retro-gaming with a subscription model. Cool.

Design the Next iPhone – This is super fun, drag and drop your own monstrosity.

Random Street View – Jump to a “random” Google Maps Street View location. I put random in quotes because I used this a lot and was frequently taken to the same place.

PhysURLs – Physics links go brrrrrrrr.

Awesome WordPress Speed Up – Mega post of useful WordPress plugins. Impressive.

The Money Quiz – How much money would it take… (warning: pretty sure you need to authenticate with Twitter which is unfortunate because well … you know)

Web Hosting WP Engine WPEngine

WP Engine Support

One of the main reasons I do business with WP Engine is because if their excellent support. Veterans of the web hosting business know how important competent support is, and WP Engine delivers this in spades.

WP Engine Support Chat

Every support instance starts with chat, launched within the Customer Portal. Once you get beyond the mostly useless and now commonplace “Virtual Assistant” (hint: type “support”) you get connected with a real live support agent within minutes.

The longest wait I’ve experienced in my over 6 years of doing business with WP Engine is maybe 10 minutes – it’s really that good.

Once you get connected with an agent, the real magic happens because unlike a low-cost hosting provider, WP Engine’s support agents are helpful, knowledgeable & prompt. 95% of my requests have been handled immediately, with only the most complicated issues being pushed to a support ticket (which is also promptly dealt with).

No waiting days wondering if your ticket is being addressed. No clueless outsourced agents working from a script. Just real people, good at their job, who are just as geeky as you (maybe that’s a stretch)

Link Dumps

Link Dump #8 – Search movies by dialog. My explanation doesn’t do it justice – if you’re a movie buff you’ll love it!

Rarchy – Terrible name. Create visual sitemaps of existing websites, or a new website.

Your Foolproof Guide To Burning A Candle Correctly – You didn’t know you needed this – but you do!

Ancient Earth Globe – Visualize the earth millions of years in the past, and pin your location to see how it’s moved. Neat! – Nuke tweets, and everyone who likes it with one click. Haven’t tried it, but it sounds terribly useful. – Twitter without the bloat. Food for those who want to view Tweets but nothing else. – Free, open-source, cross-patform video editor. – Move your mouse and the page will reload with a photo “pointing” to your pointer. Useless and fun!

WP Engine WPEngine

WP Engine File Manager

Unlike traditional cPanel hosting, WP Engine offers no “file manager” within their customer portal web interface.

In order to access your files, you’ll need an SFTP client, or a plugin that offers file browsing and management features.

Thankfully, creating an SFTP account is easy thanks to my handy dandy WP Engine How To SFTP article!

If you prefer a WordPress plugin (please don’t) the top dog File Manager plugin with over 900K installs seems to be the aptly named File Manager by user mndpsingh287 (yes actually).


WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine pricing ranges from $13/month to… as much as you want to pay!

Like all hosting providers, pricing depends on what capabilities you require, and how many websites you need to host.

For $13 / month (all prices pre-paid annual) you can host 1 website, with 5,000 visits / month, 5 GB of storage and 20 GB of bandwidth.

For $25 / month you can host 1 website with 25,000 visits / month, 10 GB of storage and 50 GB of bandwidth.

For $49 / month you can host 3 websites with 75,000 visits / month, 15 GB of storage and 125 GB of bandwidth.

For $96 / month you can host 10 websites with 100,000 visits / month, 20 GB of storage and 200 GB of bandwidth.

And so on. The price and capability just keep increasing until you’re in “Custom Land”.

Add ons available include Automated Plugin Updates, WAF, and Site Monitoring.

The moment this article is published (6/12/2022) my pricing will surely be out of date. I’ll do my best to post updates, as WP Engine makes changes.

Learn more about WP Engine and sign up today!