Link Dumps

Link Dump #27

Flair Espresso Maker – I’m not willing to go through this much effort and cost for the perfect espresso, but I still think it’s cool.

AYANEO – Yet another handheld gaming device. I need to stop. – The ideal viewport doesn’t exist. I repeat, the ideal viewport doesn’t exist.

Flint: Another BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) AI “butler” service. A little costly (when combining both fees) but I like the idea of AI “long term” memory.

Beeper – All your chats in one app. I love the name, but don’t have enough “chats” to justify combining them.

DeleteMe – Pay a company to continuously delete your personal information from the web. I might do this when I retire.

named – Predict where you’re probably from (in the UK) based on your last name.

AI Human Generator – Full body human AI image creation service.

Silatus – Another one of these “truth only” or “we don’t hallucinate” AI chat / research services.

Fairphone 5 – My phone crush, yet one I’ll probably never consummate.

Youtube2Webpage – A Perl (yes Perl) script to turn a YouTube into a web page with thumbnails and transcription. Yes it’s, weird but might be profoundly helpful to someone.

Link Dumps

Link Dump #26

noclip – Fly through many video game worlds with no clipping. If you’re a gamer you’ll know what that means.

ChatPDF – Upload a PDF and then use ChatGTP to ask questions. Perfect for your kids’ homework.

taskade – Project management software with uhh… AI?

Plus AI – Make “PowerPoint” presentations or slideshows with… you guessed it! AI

FlowGTP – ChatGTP prompts, not just for creating hot waifu girls – AI powered video summaries in case watching at 4x is still too slow.

Phind – Looks like an AI search engine, but mostly for programmers?

ChimeraOS – Steam & Epic gaming from your couch.

Ancient Earth Globe – Easily step through time to see what the Earth continents looked like millions of years ago. Pick a city and use your keyboard arrows to navigate.

Cloudflare Speed Test – If you’re testing your Internet speed it’s either too fast, or too slow. This one is geekier than most.

Link Dumps

Link Dump #25

Windy – A “wind first” weather website and app.

Frictionless Gear – The absolute coolest gear you’ve ever seen. No really.

Nintendo Game & Watch (no good buy link) – I just bought one of these retro handheld devices which comes pre-loaded with 3 Mario games. USB-C rechargeable, and very compact.

Miyoo Mini Plus – Speaking of retro handhelds. Shhh don’t tell Papa Mario.

FlashMusuem – An archive of Flash games and animations. Member Flash? I Member.

Submarine Cable Map – Maps showing underwater ocean data cables connecting continents.

Karlmann King – Luxury SUV for people with more money than taste.

FairPhone – A fully repairable, ethically produced smartphone.

Jitsi Meet – A free and open source alternative to Zoom/Meet etc.

SCOUT SpaceSight – I forget what this is but space is cool.


Link Dump #24

Cuboid – I beat the game in 684 moves. It’s the longest I think I’ve ever spent playing a web game.

Google Play Games (PC) – Play Android games on your PC. I have no idea why anyone would want to do that.

WindowSwap – Look out someone else’s window, on your screen.

Today’s Front Pages – Images of the front pages of newspapers worldwide.

Claude – AI assistant that aims to be ethical, honest and current unlike *cough* OpenAI *cough*. I’m going to try it although I’m worried as always with startups about its longevity.

NewPipe – Lightweight Android only YouTube client.

DJI Drone Rescue Map – When not being incredibly annoying these drones sometimes save lives!

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Tagged by Source – Visualize carbon dioxide release and absorption.

NBC News Lite – I found this, and then it got popular so they killed it. It’s only going to be active during major news events *sigh*.

Time To Reach – Interactive map to measure how long it will take to travel via public transport.

Powkiddy – Yes, I’m still obsessed with gaming handhelds.

Link Dumps

Link Dump #23

XREAL Air AR Glasses – Augmented reality not brought to you by surveillance giants.

Stremio – I’m pretty sure this is related to piracy and I’m all for it.

IPTV SUP – Some sort of global TV subscription service. Who needs 16,000 channels?

N5105 – Tiny, tiny Windows PC

Image upscaler AI – Make better your crappy images with “AI”.

Reddit Data Request – Floated as a way to enact revenge on Reddit’s. You should have better things to do with your time.

Terrible real estate agent photographs – This really should be called just terrible real estate.

Cover Your Tracks – See how unique your browser fingerprint is (spiler: it isn’t)

PhD Simulator – I’m not sure if this is an attempt at humor, or an actual text simulator.

Air Pollution in Europe – Stay inside.