Link Dumps

Link Dump #6

Another month has passed, and my link collection grows. I’ve started Tweeting long-form articles I read, which will leave the links I share here for tools, services and other neat websites.

List of best-selling game consoles – It’s not mystery what the top console is (PlayStation 2: 155 million) but the rest of the list might surprise you.

Foolproof Guide to Burning a Candle Correctly – Up until recently I didn’t even know there was a correct way to burn a candle.

QR Code Feedback Creator – I like the simplicity of this tool for gathering feedback using QR codes. Now, if only one of my clients would be interested!

QR Feedback Code Creator

UniFi Dream Machine – UniFi devices have their fans, and haters. I almost pulled the trigger on this router when Comcast instituted data caps in my region due to it’s ability to throttle individual devices and robust reporting.

GlassWire – In related news, when I was playing bandwidth wack-a-mole, I needed software to track and report on usage. GlassWire has a simple, modern UI, and is free (nagware).

Glasswire Usage Tab

Web Scraping 101 with Python – I probably saved this because I thought “this will come in use … some day”. So here I am, posting it to my “online brain” for later.

Sundayy – Weekly social media – or something like that. I like the idea, appreciate the effort but doubt this will go anywhere. The journaling crowd probably loves it.

Take time each day to reflect intentionally and slow down

Once you reflect go live your life, there are no feeds to check

Reflections are revealed once a week on Sunday

See your friends’ week as they lived it, in their own words

Sundayy App

BOINC – Using your computing power to search for aliens? So 1990’s. Using your GPU power to mine crypto? Lame! Donating your computing power to science? Now that is something worth doing in 2021 – at least if your electricity is clean!