BetterHash Review

Please Note: As an affiliate of BetterHash, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I will freely admit it; I’ve been bitten by the crypto bug which turned into a raging crypto mining infection (mother nature please forgive me). I started my journey with Minerstat, then ventured into NiceHash land, which led me to BetterHash.

I’ve been dabbling in all 3 for the last 3 or 4 weeks and it’s been a helluva ride. With crypto prices surging and waning seemingly daily. Influenced by the fiscal policies of China and the whims and tweets of Elon Musk. The experience of crypto mining has been a range of emotions typically ending in self-loathing and doubt.

Enough with the blithering, you came to read about BetterHash and that’s what I’ll deliver!

BetterHash is Easy

Similar to NiceHash, although in my opinion slightly easier, BetterHash is a great way to dip into the crypto mining world. Install the software, run the benchmarks and start mining with your CPU and GPU. What you earn is converted into BTC and deposited into your account of choice (more on that later)

BetterHash Miner Activity Page Showing Hashrates and Revenue Estimates

Hashrate is Good

Hashrates for BetterHash are on par with Minerstat, and NiceHash.

Typical Anti-Virus Drama

As with all miners, you’ll need to tell your anti-virus to calm down (see the FAQ) Disabling your AV only works as a temporary solution so take the time to add exceptions.

BetterHash General Info Screen
BetterHash General Info Screen showing Confirmed and Estimated Income

Interface is Clean and Practical

Lacking some of the polish of NiceHash, I actually like the UI of BetterHash as it feels like the software I’ve used for the last 20 years. The defaults are nice, as they hide the mining command-prompt windows, and BetterHash nicely minimizes to the system tray and starts up with Windows.

Scheduling is Easy

BetterHash has easy scheduling (just click time blocks), which is great for running your mining rig at night (when it’s cooler), or during off hours.

Website is Decent

The BetterHash website is decent, although like all crypto mining websites I think they could do a better job of explaining how the financials work and some of the interfaces are a bit hard to find.

BetterHash Reddit Community
BetterHash Reddit Community is Small, Very Small.

Small Community

Compared to NiceHash the BetterHash community (measured by Reddit subs) seems small. This worries me, as I hope there’s enough action to keep the developers interested.

Profit Switching Supported

I have not tried it yet.

BetterHash BTC Transfer Website Interface Showing Free Coinbase Transfer

Free Transfers to Coinbase

This is an important part of any review as you should have a clear understanding of the fees involved in moving your crypto. While most services will allow you to buy and use with no fees, once you want to withdraw or transfer your money there are typically fees involved. Two things you should determine; The minimum withdrawal amount, and the fees. BetterHash has a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.0010 BTC, and charges a fee of 0.0002 BTC. However, they claim (I haven’t verified) that transfers to Coinbase wallets are free (see screenshot above)

Put Your Computer to Work!

Please Note: As an affiliate of BetterHash, I earn from qualifying purchases.