Link Dumps

Link Dump #3

I don’t want to blog, it feels like work. This is all I can muster, I hope you’ll forgive me … I’m sure it will pass.

ODROID-GO – Hack your own handheld gaming machine ($80) with which you absolutely won’t break any copyright laws. Another version.

Watchy by SQFMI – Speaking of DIY hardware, check out this barebones smartwatch, case optional ($59 crowd funded).

Vivaldi Webmail – Back in the 90’s, webmail was the killer app. I like and use the Vivaldi browser every day and found out recently they have a webmail service. Neat!

Vivaldi – Oh what’s Vivaldi you ask? Learn more about how it’s different from Chrome.

Tallest Roller Coast in Each State – Titles says it all. Large PNG. I’ve been on Superman the ride! Terrifying.

Dark Days (2000) – A movie about people living in abandoned NYC subway tunnels. A good watch if you like raw documentaries.

Be My Eyes – An awesome app that allows sighted people to assist those that need help (think, crossing a busy road or choosing a colored article of clothing) using the power of smartphones! The problem (if you can call it that) is that it’s super popular, and I haven’t gotten one call since I installed the app 6+ months ago.