Link Dumps

Link Dump #4

I’m on a roll now (not really). Actually I scheduled this post a week ago so don’t think for a second I’m creating any sort of consistent blogging habit.

Webflow – Oddly I found a link somewhere online to this new web builder thingy a few weeks (months?) ago and then while watching daytime satellite TV boom! A rather clever TV ad for it. Satellite TV is an odd duckling, so I’m used to weird commercials but this was certainly a shock as this tool seems like it’s for professionals. I wish them luck, I’ll stick to WordPress for now.

Letterboxd – Social movie watching. Sounds cool but the most entertaining thing I found was the home page feed of new comments. Some real gems there. The second most entertaining aspect is the idea that you “tell your friends what’s good” ha! that’s RICH.

These links are getting a little verbose, hang in there I’ll lose my motivation.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin – Back when the GME craziness started I took a deep dive into crypto (finally) and came across this link about a thousand times. Basically a lesson that EXCHANGES GET HACKED, so don’t keep your bitcoin there for long.

Stuff in Space – File this under “cool but not very useful” is this cool visualization of the crap surrounding Earth. Another tool, I have no idea what’s different or special about it but it looks just as cool.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Speaking of junk in space, this game looks really cool. Fly (float?) around space and break down space … stuff.

Mastodon – Back when I last soured on Twitter (I’m still not fully over it) I looked into alternatives, and found Mastodon. Based on ActivityPub (too complicated to explain here) Mastodon is about decentralization of social media.

ActivityPub – A WordPress plugin to connect your blog to the Mastodon network. I haven’t installed it, but will if I try Mastodon.