Link Dumps

Link Dump #1

Throughout my 20+ career in tech I have bookmarked a lot of webpages. Like… a lot. As with many bookmark addicts I struggle to manage those bookmarks and make use of them. For a time period I was a happy user, but all good Internet things must pass (or die) and so I was thrust back into the open arms of local bookmark management.

Time passed, and I amassed another giant list of “webpages I will never visit again but think are cool”. I burned that to the ground, and then promptly started making another one. Rinse, repeat.

So here’s my new attempt to make “use of” these bookmarks, without hoarding them to die another day, or pissing them away into the river of ephemeral content that is social media.

Runaroo – A search engine.

BetaFPV – Tiny first person flying drones.

Jacon O’Neal – Cool visualizations.

Million Short – Another search engine, with a twist. – Free online chess.

Hemingway Editor – Simplify your writing.

Garfield Minus Garfield – The title says it all.