Link Dumps

Link Dump #33

Hyper-Reality – I’ll admit, while some of this is terrifying, other aspects aren’t so bad for those willing to embrace augmented reality. – Remember forests? Why yes I do. Use this website to “tune into” forests from around the world.

Top and Trending House Songs – While this website (Chosic) offers thousands of genres, I wanted to bookmark this. For me.

The Gospel by Gen Z – Almost bought this for my daughter, but ironically to get the most from it you need some understanding of the source material.

Punish Me App – I’m not sure if this is a joke, but the premise of sending money to someone when you fail to do something is pretty insane.

Steven Wright Quotes – I have no idea why I saved this.

Document Templates Generator – A very innocent sounding name for what looks to be a service that will generate fake identification documents. 15 year old me would have loved it.

The Mist (2007 Movie) – I watched this Stephen King movie, it’s not perfect but it’s good and what an ending!

Supernatural – VR fitness app. I dunno, getting my Oculus all sweaty just doesn’t seem fun, neither does wearing one while jumping around.

ElevenVR – VR table top tennis or “ping pong” as we know it. Now this might be something I could see my self playing.

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