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WP Engine How To SFTP

SFTP may sound intimidating but don’t fret! It’s not. If you’ve used “regular” FTP, SFTP is no sweat. Here’s a quick quide on how to set up SFTP credentials with WP Engine.

  1. Login to the WP Engine User Portal
  2. Click “SFTP Users” in the left hand menu.
WP Engine How To SFTP

3. Click the purple “Create SFTP User” button.

4. Enter username, password, optional path (if you don’t know what path is, you don’t need it) and click “Add SFTP user”.

5. That’s it! Your new SFTP user will now be shown in the list of SFTP Users.

Note: Once the user is created, WP Engine will append the username you chose, to the end of your account username.

6. Connection information is listed at the top of the SFTP Users screen. Your SFTP server name is always in the following format: The port is always 2222 (unlike regular FTP which is typically 22)

7. Now you can use your favorite FTP program* to connect to your WP Engine install allowing you to manage files.

*For Windows, we like FileZilla.

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