WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine pricing ranges from $13/month to… as much as you want to pay!

Like all hosting providers, pricing depends on what capabilities you require, and how many websites you need to host.

For $13 / month (all prices pre-paid annual) you can host 1 website, with 5,000 visits / month, 5 GB of storage and 20 GB of bandwidth.

For $25 / month you can host 1 website with 25,000 visits / month, 10 GB of storage and 50 GB of bandwidth.

For $49 / month you can host 3 websites with 75,000 visits / month, 15 GB of storage and 125 GB of bandwidth.

For $96 / month you can host 10 websites with 100,000 visits / month, 20 GB of storage and 200 GB of bandwidth.

And so on. The price and capability just keep increasing until you’re in “Custom Land”.

Add ons available include Automated Plugin Updates, WAF, and Site Monitoring.

The moment this article is published (6/12/2022) my pricing will surely be out of date. I’ll do my best to post updates, as WP Engine makes changes.

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