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One of my favorite activities is to look through my old drafts, sometimes years later and laugh at my old, seemingly random ideas.  I decided to post this one from 2010, simple as it may be, I thought it was an interesting (and mildly funny) concept for a blog / website.

A website author could tag, or markup their posts with CSS styles that denote humor.  For example, you could write a blog post and wrap your more humorous sentences with a SPAN tag with an assigned class of “.joke”.

Q: What’s a tree’s favorite drink?

This would allow you to write a technical, or somewhat serious piece, and still interject humor, without turning off your audience who might not appreciate your humor (the horror!)

The user would then be able to select their desired humor level, based on their preference by selecting and loading a different stylesheet using your website UI.

While there are manual ways of accomplishing this, there is at least one WordPress plugin (WP User Stylesheet Switcher) that claims to offer this functionality.

Why would a user want less humor in their posts?  I have no idea, but the thought occurred to me when composing a post 8 years ago, that some in the audience might want their reading material full of cutting humor, and some (insufferably boring people) may not.