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I didn’t set out to create a Bootstrap theme for WordPress, yet here I am, running just that and proclaiming yet again, that I will resurrect this blog from it’s deathbed (I’ll spare you the overly dramatic “I’m back” post).

First the theme.  I started with a very stripped down, hand-built HTML5 theme.  After battling with CSS for what seemed like too long, I took a break and decided upon return to grab a quick two-column Bootstrap template as my basis.  What I found was The Bootstrap Blog template, and it provided exactly what I needed (responsive two-column) to quickly get back up and running.

All I needed was to insert the WordPress theme code (aided by the Theme Check plugin) and I was on my way.  I’m still revising the theme, but once it’s finally at 1.0 I’ll consider zipping it and providing it here for download.


Not much.  No seriously there are not, and will not be many fancy WordPress features for this theme.  My goal with this blog is simply to create a simple and clean looking platform for my writing.  I don’t have much need for many of the common theme features, but will do my best to cover the bases on functionality (menus, widgets etc.)


I ran my Bootstrap themed site through GTmetrix’s online performance utility and was pleased to find it scored 91% on Page Speed and 80% on the YSlow scale.  All this without major optimizations.  I’m going to move my DNS to CloudFlare, which will help some of my deficiencies.



Not popular with the Theme Check plugin, but an asset (I believe) to the speed and performance of the theme if your host isn’t spectacular is the calling of the Bootstrap components from a CDN.