Internet Explorer 8 - Download it or else ...
From the official IE blog over at MSDN, Microsoft has announced that they’ll be pushing IE8 out the door via the Automatic Updates feature of Windows XP, and Vista. Users of the archaic IE6 and the soon to be ancient IE7 will get an ‘optional’ welcome screen asking them if they want Microsoft’s new browser hotness.

If you want to keep it retro and roll your old browser, Microsoft will simply nag you forever (as they should) about the new browser as an ‘optional’ update.

The most curious part of this announcement was that Microsoft will be releasing an “blocker” app which will allow system admins, and networking administrators (and other geek folk) to block the automatic roll out of IE8.

I think it’s pretty obvious that this is necessary (and also quite smart thinking by the folks at MS), but I think it speaks volumes to the differences between a small nimble company like Apple and Microsoft. Everyone is wowed by the small guy’s ability to shed the past and blaze a new trail, not ever thinking about the ones that are left behind. Microsoft’s approach is inclusive, and respectful to all the dinosaurs out there running the old stuff.