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There are many services and programs available on the web to help you make money with your blog. Some allow you to embed ads and earn money from clicks, some offer affiliate agreements with a percentage paid for every completed transaction and everything in between. I’ve decided to highlight some of the services I use at Josiah Cole dot com as well as my small network of other blogs.

Chitika Home Page Screenshot

Service: Chitika

Details: Chitika ads don’t appear on this blog, but I do run them on my other network blogs and other review blogs using various ad type formats. Chitika’s most popular ad format called eMiniMalls offers embeddable code that displays a “mini site” with information about a certain product or comparison among several products. The interfaces are tabbed and you are paid if the user clicks through the ad. Chitika ads are most effective on blogs where the target market can be identified and an appropriate match made within the Chitika system. For example a blog about cell phones would be perfect for Chitika as tech products are plentiful on the Advertising side of Chitika.

Payout: The payout so far for me with Chitika has been somewhat low (although some people make out very well), but I just started using the service again and I’m reserving my judgment until I have a larger sampling of data.


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