Trip Advisor is reportedly paying $3,000,000 for a free application, that runs on another free application (at the pleasure of the latter app). Are they crazy or does this make business sense?

Hmmm, they now own the #1 and #2 apps in this category on Facebook and are displaying a new trend in tech spending.

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Just two months after asking, “I Have 250,000 Users, Now What?”, Craig Ulliott has an answer.

In what is by far the largest Facebook application acquisition to date, travel company TripAdvisor has reportedly acquired Where I’ve Been from Craig Ulliott for $3 million.
Update: We are still awaiting comment from TripAdvisor. No official confirmation yet.

The acquisition marks the first major successful exit of a Facebook application since the Platform launched just under three months ago.

With 2.3 million users, Where I’ve Been established itself as by far the biggest travel application on Facebook, leading #2 Cities I’ve Visited (also TripAdvisor owned) by over 1 million users.

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