Web 3.0 Startup Checklist:

1. New Take on a Social Network: CHECK
2. Built With Uber Cool Rails: CHECK
3. Investment from Rich Web 1.0 Moguls: CHECK
4. Crazy Ass Business Model: CHECK

The idea for Zivity is good, but the execution is not in line with the market, and I know a little something about the pron market. I mean who doesn’t?

According to VB, they want the photos to be “fine erotica” submitted by hot people where paid subscribers vote and follow these local hotty attention whores.

Hmmm sounds a lot like MySpace … which is free … and prob has 1000 times more local hotties to stalk than Zivity has. Where do I sign up? Oh that’s right I can’t (it’s in private beta)

Pron is free all over the mighty Interweb. There are free social networks, free attention whores, free fine erotica photos and free adult blogs to keep everyone more than satisfied.

clipped from venturebeat.com

Zivity, an adult social network, raises $1M before launch

zivity-8-8-16.jpgZivity, a new adult social network start-up, has raised a $1 million round of seed capital from Silicon Valley investors — as it prepares for launch.

It’s not a porn site, such as the newer sites Eroshare (pictures) or Pornotube (vidoes). Rather, it likens itself to a mixture of MySpace and Playboy magazine with popularity/voting features thrown in. It says it focuses on pinup-like photography, or so-called “fine art erotica.” It invites regular woman — such as the local Starbucks barista — to submit photo shots.

It is apparently based on ruby+rails, python, and/or perl, according to its job list.

Several former PayPal executives are among the investors.
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