No offense Allen but you’re just plain wrong here. Yes Mahalo doesn’t pick up “new” news as quickly as automated bots, again just like Alexa as long as you understand how the data is collected this shouldn’t be a surprise.

The important question here is; Will the Skype outage of Thursday August 16th 2007 really go down as a “newsworthy” topic? One that would warrant a complete page on Mahalo?

The answer is No, of course not, the story barely belongs in Google’s index as I’m sure it’s already been resolved and 99.99998% of the population didn’t even notice.

As far as Mahalo using social news site to promote original articles I don’t really take issue with that, Jason will just need to be careful not to focus too much on that sort of social baiting. As you can see from Digg, most social communities tend to boil down the the least common denominator as the audience exands.

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Skype’s Outage Another Example of Why Current Mahalo is Doomed

MahaloAs nearly everyone online knows by now, Skype is out of commission. It’s down for the count. I was one of the first people to post about the Skype outage this morning, and since then, hundreds of others have as well. It’s a hot topic on Google Hot Trends (#45), and I am seeing 500 people an hour from my first page Google result.

But where is the Mahalo page? The Mahalo Skype page has 3 headlines of which 2 are semi-outage related. Otherwise, searching for “Skype down” or “Skype outage” provides no result. Yet Google has indexed my page from 6AM and already shows it as one of the top pages.

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