I tend to think Steve isn’t going out on a limb much here in predicting that Facebook will overtake both MySpace and Bebo to take the UK Social Networking crown.

Bebo (design wise) looks very much like YouTube, and not knowing the history here I can’t comment as to why.

clipped from blogs.zdnet.com

Steve O’Hear

Comscore data for July reveals that Bebo is now the number one visited social networking site in the UK, overtaking MySpace. Sitting in third place is Facebook. According to the statistics, Bebo registered a total of 10.7m unique users ahead of MySpace which has 10.1m and Facebook with 7.6m.

Bebo overtakes MySpace in the UK

Bebo is also ranked as the second most engaging website in the UK with 8.7b page views – only just behind Google which received 8.8b.

However, I’m going to go out on a limb and make a prediction. Based on anecdotal evidence amongst my friends and colleagues here in London, give it six months or less, and Facebook’s UK figures could look very different. I suspect they’ll be a lot closer to the other two — within the thousands not millions — and could eventually overtake them both.

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