Mashable is offering a free listing on their (somewhat bare) marketplace for the next 48 hours. Expect things to get crowded, but currently there are only 4 listings, so depending on the first update you could get some good exposure from this highly ranked blog.

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Mashable Launches the Web 2.0 Marketplace: Free for 48 Hours


This week we’re soft-launching something that I think fills a big need: a single place to buy, sell and trade modern websites, services and more. What’s more, everyone who lists within the next 48 hours gets a week’s free listing. It’s called, at least for now, the Web 2.0 Marketplace.

Increasingly, companies are listing themselves on eBay and other marketplaces, but telling us they got more leads from Mashable. Pligg, for example, told us about the sale before anyone else. Or folks are trying to sell their Facebook applications, provide development services for Facebook applications and MySpace widgets, looking for suitable job candidates, looking to advertise their events and so on. Clearly, there needs to be a single point for all this activity. So here are some of the things you can list on the Web 2.0 Marketplace:

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