While I tend to disagree with most assessments that installing blogs, forums and other PHP scripts is a hard task, JS-Kit takes even the small hurdle away with their widgets.

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JS-Kit offers simple comments, ratings and other widgets

jskit.jpgJS-Kit, which lets people with basic HTML skills add interactive features to their websites, has raised $1.2 million from The Entrepreneurs Fund III.

It is the latest investment in a widget company, and comes at a time when the major widget makers, RockYou and Slide, are trying to figure out how to monetize their vast audiences.

JS-Kit’s main selling point is its simplicity. By cutting and pasting a few lines of HTML, anyone can add a comment board, polls, or a ratings system to a website. This is notable because the technical skills and cost required to add something like a ratings system can be bothersome and expensive for the small publishers that constitute the bulk of JS-Kit’s network of 5,000 sites.

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