Holy crap!

As I was browsing this AM looking for stories to clip+posts I see this on Techmeme>VentureBeat.

There’s going to be a lot of press and traffic to the CM site/service in the next few weeks. Let’s hope they handle it well!

clipped from venturebeat.com

Forbes buys social bookmarking site Clipmarks

picture-1.pngClipmarks, one of the many startups that helps users collect and organize information from around the web, is being bought by Forbes Magazine, an inside source tells us.

The New York-based startup lets you select text, photos or videos on web pages, then use Clipmark’s bookmarking feature to save the URL and your selected information to your Clipmarks folder. From there, you can share your “clips” with friends and colleagues and even search to find the most popular clips on the Clipmarks site.

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