Mashable had the hot steaming news about Google’s new commenting system for it’s News service.

Before you start getting all giddy it’s only open to companies and organizations “related” to the news story. Beyond the editorial nightmare what surprised me was the restraint here by Google. They could have started the process of Digg/Netscape annihilation by bringing Social news to the “true” masses.

Oh well, I’ll give them 6 months.

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If we said Google News has added comments, you’d probably say “finally”. In fact they are adding comments, but with a twist: the US version is letting people or organizations who are part of a news story add comments to it.

Here’s how it works: if you search for your company or name and find stories, you can send an email to [email protected] Include your comment and contact details, plus a way to verify that you’re from that company – owning the email address [email protected] may be enough (you need to reply to a mail sent there, not just spoof it – see the help section for more info). If approved by Google, your comment will appear beneath the story like this.

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