Power Supplies Are Inefficient
Recently I was perusing Digg and came across and very popular article about Intel and Google working on developing and pushing more efficient PSU’s.

Roughly 50 percent of the power delivered from a wall socket to a PC never actually performs any work, according to Urs H ölzle, Google fellow and senior vice president of operations. Half the energy gets converted to heat or is dissipated in the AC-to-DC conversion. Around 30 percent of the power delivered to the average server is also lost.

The article stated that Google was already using this tech which promised over 80% efficiency and that it only commanded a $20-$30 premium over “regular” PSU’s without this tech. The stunning aspect of this was how inefficient modern PSU’s are, especially compared to the relatively inexpensive energy tech already on that market.

I proceeded to make a comment on the Digg story asking of anyone knew of PSU’s on the market today that use this tech. Digger Bashar Teg replied with a suggestion to look at Antec’s EarthWatts line of power supplies which claim to be “ATX12V ver 2.2” and have Active PFC. I headed over to Google and found a page on Antec’s site outlining the EarthWatts products.

Do your part for the environment with EarthWatts power supplies. The earth is our most valuable resource and protecting and preserving it for future generations is of utmost importance. EarthWatts is available in three highly efficient models—380 Watt, 430 Watt, and 500 Watt—and are all 80 PLUS® certified, the newest standard in power supply efficiency. And that means that using EarthWatts will save you money on your electrical bill. Fully equipped with universal input, EarthWatts automatically works on any power grid in the world. And the built-in Active PFC makes EarthWatts the ideal way to reduce electrical waste and protect the environment.

Next stop was Newegg to search for these EarthWatts PSU’s and see what other buyers are saying about them (Newegg’s best feature) and the current prices. I was surprised to find that the prices were very reasonable and Neweggers were actually buying them and saying good things overall.

Here’s the price and review breakdown of each model:

380W for $59.99 5/5 Stars 8 Reviews
430W for $69.99 4/5 Stars 6 Reviews
500W for $94.99 5/5 Stars 5 Reviews

There may be other manufacturers using this tech, and I’m by no means schilling for Antec, I just used their line of efficient PSU’s to illustrate a point; There’s no reason to NOT be buying these for your new PC or even your existing power hungry machine.

So as Antec states on their site, do your part to help the environment and your electricity bill and invest in these new efficient PSU’s.