Kathy Griffin has made her living on her TV show and in her stand up appearances by claiming to be on the Celebrity D list. She tears apart celebrities that cross her all at the same time wishing she had the power and influence an A lister brings. Now, Kathy does well as a D lister, and makes a very nice living by working her ass off.

How does this relate to blogging? JosiahCole.com as of June 6th 10:30 PM has had 8107 visits from 6175 visitors. This has resulted in roughly $13 in advertising revenue (over 1/5th of the month). It won’t get me on Paula’s top blogger salaries list and it’s certainly not A list blogger money but it definitely pays some bills around the house and makes blogging all that much more worth it.

The traffic has mostly come from Fark.com/tech and Fark.com/video due to my last two articles making the front pages there. And coming in at a strong second is StumbleUpon which I’ve begun using again at work and will probably install at home as well. It’s actually been a good tool lately to help me find new sites.