For some reason Rube Goldberg popped into my head recently and got me thinking there’s got to be some great video online of Rube’s famous machines and people inspired by them. I hit up YouTube for some action and found quite a nice collection of Goldberg respect.

1. The first Goldberg video is from Japan, and these machines are cooking Ramen.

2. This one is called “Rube Goldberg – Something for Nothing 1940” and it’s pretty neat, starring Rube himself I believe.

3. Office Space Rube action here, this one is excellent although a little short. For once the video description is actually lengthy and informative and I shall quote it.

A friend and I decided to spend a night at my workplace assembling a contraption using supplies from the supply room and my basement. We started at 11p.m. on 6/26/05, and finished around 5:30a.m. This is take eight. Six of the eight worked. UPDATE: Thank you for all the views, everyone! A few quick answers:
-Haha, I didn’t get fired, this was done during non-business hours.
-The heavy breathing is me starting to laugh and trying my hardest to stifle it…I was one second away from busting out the whole time.

4. This 2 minute video is a commercial for Honda, and it exceptionally well done (a lot like their cars). It looks a little surreal (although they claim it to be legit), and I’d love to see it in HD but this GooTube video will suffice. The car that reveals at the end is a Honda Accord wagon.

Note: All of this commercial is real. The only thing “artificial” is the unnoticeable edit at the middle of the sequence. Reason for that is this whole course was too long for the studio.

5. More Japanese Goldberg action, it’s 4:23 long.

6. This clip is home made style (the way I like it), and features a 3:17 Rube Goldberg machine complete with Slinky action (talk about free time!)

7. This guy uses multiple pool tables in this Rube Goldberg Billiards/Dominoes video.

8. This next one is supposedly from a film that they want you to rent from Netflix? Errrr anyways it’s a great Rube Golberg video with lots of fire and flare, check it out.

9. Another homemade machine, with the submitter claiming “we didn’t cheat!”. Oh well, it’s a good clip.

10. Last but certainly not least comes the MythBusters and their Rube Golberg masterpiece (which took them a million takes). Explain away Adam…