A colleague of mine Michael McGrath recently published an article at WebWordManMusings.com on the topic of SEO as it relates to copy. He crafted a Top 10 list of DO’s and then a list of 5 DON’T’s. It’s a good read for online business owners and operators, and covers some basic fundamentals in SEO that will only help your rank (no black hat stuff here)

When it comes to doing and not doing with web copy writing, 11 is a little limiting in the Do column, and 5 is far too short in the Don’t column, but for purposes of this quick little hit, they’ll suffice. The point of web copy writing is to optimize a home page for search engine indexing. There is something of a paradox at work, and it does require a balancing act of sorts – – – you’re writing for the search engines as your first audience; but, the search engines want you to be writing for your human audience.
The thought to have as you write for your site, I suggest, is this: if your copy serves your human audience well with its clarity on and accuracy with keyword use, and you keep it refreshed often enough to show your human audience respect, you’ll score well with the robots.

So, here’s a workable list of DO’s for your web site home page:

1. Word count. 400 to 700 words, total, including navigation menu (which should be text, not an image)…

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