Josiah Cole

Web design, development and general tech.

Email is My Least Desired Response

When I talk about websites with my local clients, the discussion often turns to “most desired response” or MDR. I ask how they’d like to be contacted by a site visitor which usually involves two options, telephone or email. Typically it’s a 50/50 split as I’m dealing with small local business that aren’t very tech Read More

Printable PDF Linux Cheat Sheets

If you’ve ever messed with Linux and found yourself in a jam that X just cannot solve. You’re going to need to use the command line to hack your way out of trouble. Lucky for you, Scott Klarr put up some nicely formated PDF Linux (and more) printable cheat sheets with all the handy commands Read More

Internet Alarm Clock Internet Application

I stumbled across the Internet Alarm Clock a few months back, possibly via or Stumble Upon. I think the idea is great, and very well executed. With a large red font, and all black backdrop, the Internet Alarm clock is the perfect web based clock application I have found. The “Naken” mode makes Read More

Web Desktop Application

Desktop two dot com is another application in a long list of online OS replacements competing to get a piece of this new market. The idea is that instead of your native OS like Windows Vista, Mac OSX or Linux, you’d run Desktoptwo, which is a purely online operating system that runs using Flash and Read More

Wired Reviews the Apple iPhone

Here’s a video of Wired Editor Mark McClusky reviewing the Apple iPhone which just made their list of “Best of Test”