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6 Tools to Keep your Twitter List Tidy

Remove Your Deadbeat Friends: Twitoria helps you find people on your follow list that haven’t tweeted in a set period of time (when it works). This is great for users who follow lots of people, as there is a natural rate of turn over with Twitter accounts. Twitter Karma By default, the list contains Read More

AllPeers Firefox Extension

Torrent Freak has the good info on AllPeers which is a free extension for Firefox bringing socialness and BitTorrent to the masses. Here’s a video snippet which mentions AllPeers (towards the end) From Wiki… AllPeers uses open source BitTorrent technology to facilitate file transfer.[1] The extension does not require any ports be opened. AllPeers encrypts Read More

Adult Social Network Zivity Will Fail … Miserably

Web 3.0 Startup Checklist: 1. New Take on a Social Network: CHECK2. Built With Uber Cool Rails: CHECK3. Investment from Rich Web 1.0 Moguls: CHECK4. Crazy Ass Business Model: CHECK The idea for Zivity is good, but the execution is not in line with the market, and I know a little something about the pron Read More

Bebo Social Network Top in UK … For Now

I tend to think Steve isn’t going out on a limb much here in predicting that Facebook will overtake both MySpace and Bebo to take the UK Social Networking crown. Bebo (design wise) looks very much like YouTube, and not knowing the history here I can’t comment as to why. clipped from Steve O’Hear Read More

Mashable Marketplace; Sell Your Social/Web 2.0 Site

Mashable is offering a free listing on their (somewhat bare) marketplace for the next 48 hours. Expect things to get crowded, but currently there are only 4 listings, so depending on the first update you could get some good exposure from this highly ranked blog. clipped from Mashable Launches the Web 2.0 Marketplace: Free Read More