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SPAM in Mahalo Possible?

I was browsing Mahalo on this sunny afternoon in an attempt to find information on credit cards (curiously I found nothing) and found what looks to be the first reported SPAM in Mahalo. On the Jesus in Food page, constructed by Mahalo veteran Jonathan I found the following link: Put your face on a Read More

Mahalo Search Bar

I was just visiting the Mahalo site, specifically the How To Add Mahalo To Your Search Bar page and received an error when I tried to install the search bar functionality to my copy of Firefox. Here’s a screenshot:

Skype Outage Highlights Mahalo’s Faults?

No offense Allen but you’re just plain wrong here. Yes Mahalo doesn’t pick up “new” news as quickly as automated bots, again just like Alexa as long as you understand how the data is collected this shouldn’t be a surprise. The important question here is; Will the Skype outage of Thursday August 16th 2007 really Read More

Google Removing torrent Results, Open Source Search Engine Anyone?

TorrentFreak has the story on Google censoring torrent search results. It’s nothing new, as Google has been removing results for years on the requsts of various media companies like the RIAA/MPAA etc. Which brings me to my call for an open source, offshore (possibly) search engine that allows the community to determine what gets censored. Read More

Somebody Call The Waambulance, Google Isn’t Perfect

Everyone is up in arms lately about Google’s TOS and search robot lockout. People point to the hypocrisy of the situation citing that Google relies on ‘openness” from other web properties for it’s news service. Everyone in the blogosphere needs to get over it, and realize that Google is a typical competitive corporate establishment that Read More