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Web design, development and general tech.

Email is My Least Desired Response

When I talk about websites with my local clients, the discussion often turns to “most desired response” or MDR. I ask how they’d like to be contacted by a site visitor which usually involves two options, telephone or email. Typically it’s a 50/50 split as I’m dealing with small local business that aren’t very tech Read More

What Time is it Google?

Why can’t Google tell me what time it is? I know that my IP address and it’s corresponding ISP location aren’t an exact match to my physical address but why can’t Google just take a whack at it, and tell people that they *might* be wrong? Here’s a quick little graphic I worked up in Read More

Yahoo! Shopping is a Steaming Pile of Crap

I don’t know if you’ve been to Yahoo! Shopping lately, but it’s a complete disaster of a shopping portal and Yahoo should be ashamed … ASHAMED! of having that atrocity in their mature web portfolio. First some history … I happened across not because I was ‘shopping’ but rather I was following the story Read More

Adult Social Network Zivity Will Fail … Miserably

Web 3.0 Startup Checklist: 1. New Take on a Social Network: CHECK2. Built With Uber Cool Rails: CHECK3. Investment from Rich Web 1.0 Moguls: CHECK4. Crazy Ass Business Model: CHECK The idea for Zivity is good, but the execution is not in line with the market, and I know a little something about the pron Read More

Skype Outage Highlights Mahalo’s Faults?

No offense Allen but you’re just plain wrong here. Yes Mahalo doesn’t pick up “new” news as quickly as automated bots, again just like Alexa as long as you understand how the data is collected this shouldn’t be a surprise. The important question here is; Will the Skype outage of Thursday August 16th 2007 really Read More