Josiah Cole

Web design, development and general tech.

Internet Alarm Clock Internet Application

I stumbled across the Internet Alarm Clock a few months back, possibly via or Stumble Upon. I think the idea is great, and very well executed. With a large red font, and all black backdrop, the Internet Alarm clock is the perfect web based clock application I have found. The “Naken” mode makes Read More

Windows XP Registry Tweaks

If you’re like me and you still have a few machines running good ol’ reliable and trustworthy (I keed, I keed) Windows XP than registry tweaks and optimization guides for XP are a very handy thing. Sure Vista is the new hotness, and to be really cutting edge I could publish information on how to Read More

Web Desktop Application

Desktop two dot com is another application in a long list of online OS replacements competing to get a piece of this new market. The idea is that instead of your native OS like Windows Vista, Mac OSX or Linux, you’d run Desktoptwo, which is a purely online operating system that runs using Flash and Read More

Who Gets Email Sent to [email protected] ?

Do the owners of check the email sent to [email protected]? If they do what do they do with the possible thousands of test messages being sent everyday? Is the volume substantial or moderate? I develop Rich Internet Applications for a living and over the years (7 of them) I’ve used [email protected] countless times in Read More