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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Videos

Here’s a small collection (only 2) of Texas Chainsaw Massacre videos I pulled from GooTube. As you can see from these videos there are two cool videos that have come out and they are movies that are scary and you should see them if you have not yet, especially with Halloween just around the corner. Read More

Wired Reviews the Apple iPhone

Here’s a video of Wired Editor Mark McClusky reviewing the Apple iPhone which just made their list of “Best of Test”

Hacking the iPhone 1.1.1

Posted a mere 16 hours ago on GooTube is this video of devnull128 hacking his iPhone v 1.1.1. and then playing some hot NES action, among other things to prove it’s really hacked.

AllPeers Firefox Extension

Torrent Freak has the good info on AllPeers which is a free extension for Firefox bringing socialness and BitTorrent to the masses. Here’s a video snippet which mentions AllPeers (towards the end) From Wiki… AllPeers uses open source BitTorrent technology to facilitate file transfer.[1] The extension does not require any ports be opened. AllPeers encrypts Read More

KDE 4 Beta 3 Video Previews

Here are a few GooTube videos of the upcoming KDE 4 release (these are from beta 3) “This is a video from Gwenview from KDE 4 beta 3. I show off some features… Looks rather cool, imho.” “a view of plasma and kickoff from live cd of kde4 beta 3” a little preview of Kalzium Read More