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SPAM in Mahalo Possible?

Mahalo Penetrated by SPAM
I was browsing Mahalo on this sunny afternoon in an attempt to find information on credit cards (curiously I found nothing) and found what looks to be the first reported SPAM in Mahalo.

On the Jesus in Food page, constructed by Mahalo veteran Jonathan I found the following link: Put your face on a grilled cheese WARNING: Pop-Ups

The subsequent website you are taken to when clicking the Golden Palace link has no content relating to Jesus in Food nor does it spawn pop ups in FF or IE6 (as Mahalo warned me it would).

What’s the deal? I thought the Mahalo approach was SPAM proof? Did Golden Palace put up content and then pull the ol’ bait and switch with the editors at Mahalo?

I registered with the site and reported it in the Message Board.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for pointing this out to me. It looks like they altered the link. I’m currently looking for a post or article about their former content. If there is any Spam in our system, we definitely want it pointed out so we can rectify it immediately.