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Lexus ISF Smoking Some Tire

In my autoblog travels this morning I found this GooTube video of two Lexus ISF’s drifting and burning out at Laguna Seca race track. This video is significant because Lexus hasn’t really had an offering this powerful before and is expecting to compete with BMW’s M3, Audi’s R/S4 and various ‘hotted up’ offerings from Infiniti/Mercedes Read More

Make Money with Your Blog Part 1: Chitika

There are many services and programs available on the web to help you make money with your blog. Some allow you to embed ads and earn money from clicks, some offer affiliate agreements with a percentage paid for every completed transaction and everything in between. I’ve decided to highlight some of the services I use Read More

At Music Overy you can listen to music depending on your mood. There is a neat interface that looks kind of like an Ipod and you click on it to play music. There are several different categories of music you can listen to including: Hit List, Any year, Genres, Dance and Moods. If you click Read More

Yahoo! Shopping is a Steaming Pile of Crap

I don’t know if you’ve been to Yahoo! Shopping lately, but it’s a complete disaster of a shopping portal and Yahoo should be ashamed … ASHAMED! of having that atrocity in their mature web portfolio. First some history … I happened across not because I was ‘shopping’ but rather I was following the story Read More

SPAM in Mahalo Possible?

I was browsing Mahalo on this sunny afternoon in an attempt to find information on credit cards (curiously I found nothing) and found what looks to be the first reported SPAM in Mahalo. On the Jesus in Food page, constructed by Mahalo veteran Jonathan I found the following link: Put your face on a Read More