Josiah Cole

Web design, development and general tech.

FEEDJIT: The 10 Hour Internet Startup

Via the *new* Hacker News I found FEEDJIT, a widget sort of thing that displays incoming and outgoing traffic including destination. The more important story here however was that this ‘jit was created in only 10 hours. I could roll a startup out in less time than that, but it would have to include less Read More

Bebo Social Network Top in UK … For Now

I tend to think Steve isn’t going out on a limb much here in predicting that Facebook will overtake both MySpace and Bebo to take the UK Social Networking crown. Bebo (design wise) looks very much like YouTube, and not knowing the history here I can’t comment as to why. clipped from Steve O’Hear Read More

Shopify Marketplace; All Your Products Are Belong to Us

I’ve always like Shopify’s business model, and their product (although I’ve never used it). Mashable has the info on their new marketplace which I think is genius. Genius mostly because it’s a similar idea I’ve had for one of the projects I’m currently working on. It’s not a shopping cart product but a similar model Read More

TC Thinks Alexa is Useless; I Disagree

I have to object with Arrington’s analysis of Alexa and scold him for yet another blog article about how Alexa is inaccurate and needs a “re-work”. Alexa is just a tool, no more no less. We all know HOW Alexa gathers data, and we all know the flaws. It should be used along with Compete Read More

Mashable Marketplace; Sell Your Social/Web 2.0 Site

Mashable is offering a free listing on their (somewhat bare) marketplace for the next 48 hours. Expect things to get crowded, but currently there are only 4 listings, so depending on the first update you could get some good exposure from this highly ranked blog. clipped from Mashable Launches the Web 2.0 Marketplace: Free Read More