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Amazon FPS System Lame?

Whilst reading Hacker News at ycombinator dot com I came across the following piece from an experience Amazon FPS user. I have to say I’m not surprised, and mentioned briefly in a previous blog posting about how Amazon’s success is still in limbo (at least in this category dominated by and others) The requirement Read More

Mahalo Search Bar

I was just visiting the Mahalo site, specifically the How To Add Mahalo To Your Search Bar page and received an error when I tried to install the search bar functionality to my copy of Firefox. Here’s a screenshot:

Adult Social Network Zivity Will Fail … Miserably

Web 3.0 Startup Checklist: 1. New Take on a Social Network: CHECK2. Built With Uber Cool Rails: CHECK3. Investment from Rich Web 1.0 Moguls: CHECK4. Crazy Ass Business Model: CHECK The idea for Zivity is good, but the execution is not in line with the market, and I know a little something about the pron Read More

TripAdvisor Acquires Where I’ve Been; Are They Crazy?

Trip Advisor is reportedly paying $3,000,000 for a free application, that runs on another free application (at the pleasure of the latter app). Are they crazy or does this make business sense? Hmmm, they now own the #1 and #2 apps in this category on Facebook and are displaying a new trend in tech spending. Read More

Skype Outage Highlights Mahalo’s Faults?

No offense Allen but you’re just plain wrong here. Yes Mahalo doesn’t pick up “new” news as quickly as automated bots, again just like Alexa as long as you understand how the data is collected this shouldn’t be a surprise. The important question here is; Will the Skype outage of Thursday August 16th 2007 really Read More