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Energy Drink Review from a First Timer – 6 Popular Brands Covered

I first want to say that I do not drink energy drinks, nor have I ever drank an energy drink that I can remember. I have had small tastes of Red Bull here or sips of Amp there, but I hadn’t drank an entire serving until now. I decided that since I’ve been hearing so Read More

Car Insurance Keywords Pay Really Well

While I was recently researching search arbitrage (yes I know I’m 6 months late) I spent a lot of time in front of keyword discovery and bid level tools looking at terms like car insurance. What I found was a huge variation in keyword bid levels, and it got me thinking; using bid $ levels Read More

AGLOCO Payout Rates a Disaster!

If the math done by John Chow is correct and any indication of real payout rates for the AGLOCO network, the concept and company is doomed for failure. For those of you who don’t know, John Chow (a minor Digg/blog celebrity) has amassed over 21,000 AGLOCO sign ups all originating from his highly trafficked and Read More

Almost Perfect htaccess File for WordPress Blogs

[learn_more caption=”Here There!” state=”open”] If you like this article (and we know you will!), check out the post we published covering even more WordPress Security best practices.[/learn_more] If you manage and edit your own website or run a blog with it’s own domain then you are probably aware of a type of file called the Read More

Keyword Traffic vs. Social Traffic

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a stats obsessed freak when it comes to my personal projects. I simply can’t stay away from my Google stats, raw log file stats and of course my Ad Sense stats. After my last blog posting on the iPhone 2 I detected a large increase in keyword searches that Read More