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Google Ads – Teh Funneh

Baby Nipples and Crack Cocaine, a perfect combination for Google AdSense ads today on Oomny. This special mix of ads comes from my wife’s recent post on Dr. Brown’s Bottles and my contribution (courtesy of StumbleUpon) the Drug Slang Dictionary …for parents 😉 This got me thinking, who advertises with the keyword phrase “crack cocaine” Read More

New CRM System Announced – Team Solution Software

Recently the company at which I spend the majority of my web development time with reached a milestone in the development of it’s latest Internet software project dubbed: Team Solution Software. Myself and the rest of the staff at KISS Computing are furiously trying to promote this latest, and we all think greatest team collaboration Read More

6 Proper Link Trading Techniques & Tips

From time to time clients and potential sales leads query my expertise on link trading as it relates to SEO and building traffic. Typically my response covers a few main points, mostly related to informing the client of the various types of link exchanges and their value, as well as relaying any techniques to avoid. Read More

Buy a Power Efficient PSU – Save the Earth and some Cash

Recently I was perusing Digg and came across and very popular article about Intel and Google working on developing and pushing more efficient PSU’s. Roughly 50 percent of the power delivered from a wall socket to a PC never actually performs any work, according to Urs H ölzle, Google fellow and senior vice president of Read More

D List Blogger Pays the Bills

Kathy Griffin has made her living on her TV show and in her stand up appearances by claiming to be on the Celebrity D list. She tears apart celebrities that cross her all at the same time wishing she had the power and influence an A lister brings. Now, Kathy does well as a D Read More