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Should You Use a Google Analytics WordPress Plugin


Many times I come across a website powered by WordPress rife with unused, out of date and abandoned plugins.  The first step in remedying this common situation is to review the plugins installed and identify candidates to eliminate.  Often I attempt to remove plugins that provide simple, easy to replicate features.  One example is Google Read More

New Simple Bootstrap WordPress Theme


I didn’t set out to create a Bootstrap theme for WordPress, yet here I am, running just that and proclaiming yet again, that I will resurrect this blog from it’s deathbed (I’ll spare you the overly dramatic “I’m back” post). First the theme.  I started with a very stripped down, hand-built HTML5 theme.  After battling Read More

WordPress Security Best Practices


A long overdue follow up to my immensely popular almost perfect WordPress htaccess file article.  This article of best practices should give you several more tricks up your sleeve to keep your WordPress installation secure and running smooth & below the radar of hackers and spammers.  This guide is not for WP beginners, but I Read More

And the love kickstarts again

red sketched heart

A couple weekends ago I decided this blog … my blog and official home on the web needed a redesign, rebuild and re…. well everything.  Not wanting to get bogged down in the details of design, I installed an excellent theme from Elegant Themes and set to work making it feel like home.  A simple Read More

19 Things A Business Owner Can Do to Torpedo Their Website Project


In my 14+ years of professional website design and development experience I have seen and heard it all when it comes to client and business owner web project dysfunction.